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About us

The Earth is also called the blue planet. Its ocean covers more than two thirds of its surface, regulates essential processes such as climate, and plays a pivotal role in the sustainable future of humanity. At the same time, ocean ecosystems are fragile and are rapidly changing, mainly due to shifting climate, altered ocean-atmosphere-land interactions, and overexploitation of resources.

ISblue – Interdisciplinary Graduate School

To address the increasing challenges facing ocean and coastal ecosystems, the “Interdisciplinary graduate School for the blue planet” (ISblue) was created to train the next generation of ocean innovators and science leaders and place them at the forefront of research to answer the needs of the growing blue economy through top level research-based training.

ISblue gathers most of the forces in marine science and technology in West and South Brittany, belonging to the universities (UBO, UBS), research national organisms (CNRS, Ifremer, IRD), engineering schools (IMT-Atlantique, ENSTA Bretagne, ENIB) and the French naval academy.

Governing board


  • – A Governing Board representing the 9 partners
  • – An Executive Committee with 1 director and 3 deputy directors
  • – An Operational Committee of 20 members organised into 4 colleges representing research, training, innovation and students
  • – A Council of Research Units and Graduate Programmes
  • – An International Scientific Council composed of 13 research and training specialists

Research Laboratories

ISblue includes 15 research units and teams showing an internationally recognized expertise in many disciplines (eg. physical and spatial oceanography, geosciences, biogeochemistry, ecology, microbiology, data analytics but also geography, economics, law, and engineering), all dedicated to tackle questions related to the ocean in all its dimensions and interfaces. ISblue will move interdisciplinarity to an unprecedented level to push back the frontiers in marine science and technology and ocean innovation.