Ocean Sciences & Journalism Summer School

Summer school : 27th and 28th of August at IUEM

In order to meet the growing demand of the journalists regarding the advancements in marine sciences and technologies, ISblue launches the first summer school at the interface between ocean and journalism. More than twenty journalists from various media are received at this very moment and for two days at IUEM – Institut Universitaire Européen de la Mer.

The objectives of the summer school

This unique event not only skillfully mixes media and marine sciences but also involves leading experts on global hot topics. Indeed, it is sponsored by the French explorer Jean-Louis Étienne and the French sailor Catherine Chabaud. The Ocean Sciences & Journalism summer school focuses on scientific themes relating to major contemporary issues faced by our society. Therefore, more than fifteen researchers provide expertise in the fields of climatology, oceanography, economics, law, marine sciences and technologies. The various speakers all demonstrate a strong commitment and a higher willingness to share their knowledge. Indeed, they wish to raise public awareness of social-environmental challenges related to the ocean.

« Mer et Journalisme » is organised around several high-level conferences, round tables and interactive workshops. Above all, it is based on an exchange concept, a cooperation spirit and good practice sharing between journalists and scientists. Moreover, together with the media training center (CFP), ISblue considers setting up an e-Master as an extension to this summer school.


The summer school is coordinated by the professor Emeritus Paul Tréguer and the lecturer/reseacher Pauline Letortu. During these two days the different debates and discussions are animated by Jean-Louis Le Corvoisier, conference and event facilitator.


The Ocean Sciences & Journalism Summer School has welcomed twenty-seven participants including twenty-four journalists from national, regional and local media, two representatives of a foundation and a lawyer, member of the Paris Bar.

The Programm of the summer school

Conferences :

An ocean of new ideas / Laurent Chauvaud, LEMAR – UBO
The ocean of the Anthropocene Area / Jean-Pierre Gattuso, LOV
Towards the sixth extinction in the ocean ? / Gilles Boeuf, MNHN

Round Tables : coanimated by Guillaume Roullet (LOPS), Olivier Thébaud (AMURE) and Patrick Poupon (PMBA)

Climate challenges / Gaël Durand, IGE Grenoble & Pascale Lherminier, LOPS
Economic and legal issues / Jean Boncoeur & Annie Cudennec, AMURE
Technological challenges / Nicolas Kolodziejczyk & Jean Tournadre, LOPS

Interactive Workshops :

Deep-sea mining / Pierre-Marie Sarradin, EEP – IFREMER & Arthur De Pas, Pôle Relations Presse et Institutionnelle IFREMER
Coastal hazards / Catherine Meur-Férec, LETG – UBO
Reflection on journalists’ needs for lifelong training in marine sciences /
The organising Committee : Paul Tréguer, Pauline Letortu, Riwalenn Ruault, Anaëlle Leroux et Vianney Pichereau