DEB2019 1-12 April 2019

The Sixth international Symposium and Thematic School on DEB theory for methabolic organization will attend at IUEM. Acces to the website

1st International Scientific Council : 13-14 June 2019

An international scientific council of 13 members from 10 different countries will advise ISblue partners on the strategy for research, training and innovation. The council will hold its first meeting in Brest, june 13-14th. 

Inauguration : 30 th January 2019 – BREST

The various representatives of the partners behind the creation of the school led by UBO. The Interdisciplinary Graduate School for the Blue Planet (ISblue) was inaugurated on Wednesday at the Bouguen Digital Pole. It is based on close collaboration between nine partner institutions, bringing together universities, research organisations and engineering schools: the University of Western…

ISblue supports AlloHa

As a place for collaborative innovation, ALLOHa aims to bring together the scientific communities, in Marine Sciences and Data Sciences along with companies that innovate in these fields.