Visiting professor : Research & Innovation in Fisheries, Aquaculture, Blue Biotechnology

In order to develop collaborations in the field of biotechnology between international researchers, Concetta Maria Messina from University of Palermo (Italy), was invited as part as the ISblue call for invited professors and researchers. She will be holding a conference on Research and Innovation in the field of Fisheries, Aquaculture and Blue Biotechnology at 11am on Thursday, 28 November 2019, at IUEM – Amphi A.

This conference is carried out in the framework of national and international projects by the Department of Earth and Sea Sciences of the University of Palermo, to promote innovation and technology transfer from research to industry, in the fisheries and aquaculture sectors. Results of some research actions will be displayed during the presentation.

These actions take part in the development axes of the blue-growth 2014-2020. This strategy aims at unlocking blue resources by marine biotechnology and with a strongly bottom-up approach.

Therefore, starting from the need of the most important supply chains in the Sicilian region, actions have been implemented to transfer procedures to aquaculture, fish processing industries, fishermen association and cosmetics industries. Some case studies will be presented: utilization of shrimps and farmed fish by-products for extraction, utilization of astaxantin and fish oils enriched in omega-3, extraction of polyphenols from marine algae and halophytes for production of functional seafood or inclusion in cosmetics.

Visiting professor : Concetta Maria Messina, University of Palermo, Dept of Earth and Sea Sciences (Italy)

Photos of the dept of Earth and Sea Sciences activities (including aquaculture and blue biotechnology)
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Concetta Messina is a Researcher in Marine Biochemistry and aquaculture, lecturer of Marine productions and aquaculture at University of Palermo (Italy). She is local unit supervisor of National and International research projects and PhD projects related to blue biotechnologies. These projects pursue a sustainable use of marine resources in industrial sectors as food, feed, health, nutraceutics and cosmaceutics in a perspective of circular economy. Also an Erasmus coordinator, she hosts many international Erasmus students, PhD students and researchers in her lab every year.

The research interests include: extraction of bioactive compounds from marine organisms and by-products by SFE, SPD: polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA n-3, n-6), carotenoids, polyphenols, fish protein hydrolysates, chitosan; evaluation of antioxidants, anticancer, antiaging properties of marine bioactive compounds, in vitro (cell cultures) and in vivo (fish) by biomolecular approach: applications for nutraceutics, pharmaceutics and cosmetics; isolation and maintenance in bioreactors of extremophile bacteria (halobacteria) and microalgae for biotechnological applications: antioxidants and polyunsaturated fatty acids production.