Horizon 2030 – Ocean: pre-registration until March 31st, 2020


due to the exceptional circumstances linked to the Covid-19 pandemic

Climate and biodiversity : build together integrated approaches to meet ocean challenges

The thematic school CNRS “Horizon 2030 – Ocean” will be held from 22 to 25, 2020 in Conquet (Finistère). With a clear interdisciplinary perspective combining human and social sciences and natural sciences, the school offers an integrated approach climate / biodiversity of the ocean system.

Climate and biodiversity

Climate and biodiversity, considered separately, figure as two main topics structuring international platforms (GIEC, IPBES) and research networks. Within the ocean system, they are respectively the subject of an extensive scientific literature. However, in the context of scientific and public policies questioning, an integrated approach of these biodiversity and climate issues has become absolutely essential. The priority is now to address them together in order to gain a better understanding of our oceans and seas future.

The thematic school, considering the marine space as an integrated and interdisciplinary approach, intends to be the place where not only new thinking but also new methodological tools, technological and societal innovations will emerge to face current and future challenges in the different marine areas of the world.

The thematic school’s ambition

The work and studies carried out during the workshops will be formalized as a report for the scientific community and political decision-makers. This report will bring together the different issues raised during the workshops, the different paths for reflection and possible avenues of exploration as well as various proposals for technological and societal innovations.

The thematical school CNRS Horizon 2030 – Ocean relies on ISblue, the Interdisciplinary School for the blue planet, to initiate federative dynamics within the cross-cutting initiatives linking climate and marine biodiversity.

Forums and opportunities to exchange have been scheduled during the event in order to think and design together the actions of this dynamic.

Program of the event

High-level courses focusing on excellent knowledge-transmission will be offered to the participants as well as collaborative workshops dedicated to group activities allowing the co-construction of tomorrow’s marine issues and reflections.

The thematic school has also scheduled a social strand including a naturalist field-trip to the Pointe Saint Mathieu.

Practical info

– Participants will have the chance to stay at village Beauséjour, a few steps away from the port and the beaches of Conquet, provided with full board accomodation (collective transport included). They will attend the high-level courses and workshops on site, facing the Iroise sea.

 – Horizon 2030 – Ocean is aimed at teacher-researchers, researchers and engineers, but also PhD and post-doctoral students, as part of their traning.


Wait no longer! Pre-registration are opened until the March 31st, 2020.

  • Information & registration

Visit the website https://horizon2030.sciencesconf.org
And for e-mail inquiries horizon2030@sciencesconf.org

  • Project holder

Adélie Pomade, MCF (HDR), UMR AMURE, Université de Bretagne Occidentale

  • Scientific Council

Laurent Bopp, DR CNRS, UMR LSCE

Thierry Pérez, DR CNRS, UMR IMBE

José Pérez Agúndez, CR Ifremer, UMR AMURE

Adélie Pomade, MCF (HDR), UMR AMURE, Université de Bretagne Occidentale

  • Steering committee

Laure Pecquerie, CR IRD, UMR LEMAR

Teriitutea Quesnot, MCF, UMR LETG, Université de Bretagne Occidentale

Florian Sévellec, CR (HDR) CNRS, UMR LOPS

Adélie Pomade, MCF (HDR), UMR AMURE, Université de Bretagne Occidentale