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Purpose of the call​

Excellence in research is at the heart of the ISblue, Interdisciplinary graduate school for the blue planet project. In the launching phase, it is essential to develop the dynamism of the community by encouraging the establishment of new relationships between the partner units and the emergence of innovative projects within it.

The research projects supported by ISblue must serve the ambition of excellence and international visibility of ISblue and, in line with its ambition, contribute to strengthen the interactions between research/training, science/innovation and science/society.

This call for proposals aims to promote the emergence of innovative projects involving, if possible, several ISblue research units. It should serve to mobilize ISblue research teams around the objectives of this University Research School.

Who can apply?

Any member of the Isblue community (any temporary or permanent staff of ISblue research units).

Eligible subjects

All scientific and technological research topics within the framework of ISblue themes are eligible.

As a reminder, ISblue’s research activities are carried out within 5 themes in which ISblue has recognized strengths and can claim international leadership: ocean and climate regulation, ocean-earth interactions, sustainable coastal ecosystems, the living ocean and ecosystem services, long-term observation systems and ocean knowledge.

Eligible expenses

– Mission costs (travel and living expenses)
– Operating expenses
– Purchase of equipment
– Expenses for temporary staff, including internship gratification

Amount of support

The amount of this call is 125 k€, projects around 10 k€ are expected. This financial aid is granted for a maximum of two years.

Application deadline

Opening of applications: Thursday 01 September 2022

Closing of the online server: Wednesday 30 November 2022, 11:59 PM (French time)

Application procedures

The application should include:

1. Description of the project objectives
2. Proposed methodology
3. An argument on the relevance of the project team and the proposed collaborations
4. A brief description of the planned follow-up (leverage)
5. A proposed budget and schedule of actions

The file must be submitted and approved by the directors of the units concerned.


The evaluation of the applications will be carried out by an ISblue jury chaired by a representative of the ISblue management. The jury will be composed of members of the different colleges (one representative per
theme, one representative of the training college and one representative of the socio-economic college).

Beyond scientific excellence, which will remain the fundamental criterion for evaluating projects, we wish to significantly favour those that involve several ISblue research units. As stated in the objectives of ISblue, these projects must serve the EUR’s ambition of excellence and international visibility. They must contribute to strengthening the interactions between research and education, science and innovation, and science and society.

The grants will therefore be awarded according to the financial envelope available for this call and the following evaluation criteria:

– The innovative character of the project (breakthrough research topic, new partnership within the community, new socio-economic partnership, new science/training relationship….) and its scientific relevance
– The multi-unit nature of the project
– The potential impact of the project on training activities and the socio-economic world

In addition, the following will be taken into account:

– The strategic potential of the possible international collaboration

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