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Animation of ISblue research themes


Purpose of the call

The ISblue research themes have an animation budget and can support projects for an amount of about 20 K€ per theme per year. The expected projects will have a typical budget between 1.5K€ and 4K€ per project. The objective is to be able to fund 6 to 10 actions per theme per year.

Eligible projects​

This funding will support projects contributing to:

– The establishment/initiation/strengthening of international, inter-disciplinary and/or inter-unit ISblue collaborations;
– The animation of the theme (intra-theme seminars, meetings with the socio-economic world for example);
– The strengthening of the research-training link;
– The development of research questions in line with the objectives of the themes;
– Or support for the emergence of future structuring projects for the theme;

Funding may be used for missions, operations, small equipment, salaries or internships.

Theme 4 specifications: Individual actions involving a single laboratory or a single researcher developing collaborations outside ISblue will be financed up to a maximum of 2000 euros. Projects with a higher budget are intended to support collective actions involving several ISblue laboratories or a group of several researchers seeking to develop collaborations leading to larger projects.

Your application must be related to 1 or 2 ISblue themes (see scientific description of the themes) which must be specified in the online application form.

Calendar of the call​

This call is permanent. The steering committees of each theme evaluate the applications regularly (typically 3 times a year). They will take place on different dates depending on the theme.

Information on environmental impact

When you apply online, you will be asked to indicate the measures you plan to take in your project to reduce or limit environmental impact. For each item, you will need to indicate the estimated impact and the avoided impact. Below are some examples.
Example of items: missions, on-site events, research at sea and in the field, data management, scientific calculation, laboratory practices, observation techniques…
Example of estimated impact: purchase of air tickets, dinner on site, planned field trips….
Example of avoided impact (in terms of carbon/pollution…): videoconference for X participants, caterer offering plastic-free solutions, collaborative tool to avoid data transfers, carpooling for the field trip…

Contacts for this call​

Theme 1: Ocean and climate regulation​

Theme 2: Ocean-Earth interactions​

Theme 3: Sustainable coastal systems​

Theme 4: The living ocean and ecosystem services​

Theme 5: Long-term observing systems for ocean knowledge​

For further information :

​​For any technical questions during the application process, a “Frequently Asked Questions” document is available for consultation by clicking here.

For any question or information regarding the call: contact.isblue@univ-brest.fr​​