Blue Revolution : flagship project

Each year, ISblue funds three flagship projects. In 2020, the Blue Revolution project led by Daniela Zeppilli (Ifremer) and Abdelsssam Benzinou (ENIB) has been selected. The project is related to research theme 2: Ocean/Earth interactions (ISblue research themes).

The project aims to record infaunal benthic communities (animals living in the sediments) which comprise some of the most diverse groups of organisms on Earth, and are ideal ecological indicators and sentinels for ecosystem health.

Yet only a small part of this diversity has been described, and knowledge of their biology and ecology is fragmentary. Facing the rapid increase of anthropogenic pressures on marine ecosystems, the scientific community needs to build robust baseline data sets and catalogues of marine life against which to measure future biodiversity changes and losses.

Due to their high abundance, diversity, widespread distribution, relatively rapid generation times and fast metabolic rates, infaunal benthic organisms are one of the best marine bio-indicators available to assess global environmental changes.

The official launch took place on 15th April 2021: the broadcast will soon be available here.